Skin Therapies


Skin Therapies

Dermalogica Skin Treatments

These treatments form the foundation of Dermalogica’s selection of services. They are truly revolutionary because of the customization at every step by your Expert Level trained skin therapist, based on your Face Mapping® skin analysis. These treatments will be unique to each individual client because of the use of our results-intensifying technology, such as Ultrasonic and Microcurrent and professional customization products, including Dermalogica’s unique ion-active serums and Botanical Mixers throughout the step-by- step process to provide additional benefits to your skin. You will be recommend the very best bespoke, prescriptive skin treatment especially for you. Includes consultation, skin care, skin fitness plan, product advice and free samples.


Dermalogica Face Mapping®

We offer to help you realise your skin goals and find products that will truly work for you. Combining Eastern and Western philosophies, Face Mapping® involves looking at your skin with a trained eye, touching your skin and asking you questions about your lifestyle and environment.


Your Face Mapping® reveals your true skin type and possible underlying causes of skin conditions you might have such as breakout activity, dehydration, sensitivity and/or uneven skin tone. These insights drive the recommendations we make in your personalized Skin Fitness Plan.






SkinSolver® Treatment - £10 (10 mins)

Pressed for time? Fix skin concerns fast with our 10-minute express-seated treatment. Using professional-grade products, this treatment is ideal for a quick skincare pick-me-up to give your complexion a boost of radiance. Perfect before a special event or if you just want to give your skin an instant glow.






ProSkin 30 - Customised Dermalogica Facial - £35 (30 mins)

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time, this treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes, want visible results and great value.






ProSkin 60 - Customised Dermalogica Facial - £60 (60 mins)

Want the best skin you’ve ever had? Our ultimate 60-minute treatment is customised to target all of your skin needs and to leave your skin radiant and glowing. It incorporates exfoliating Hydra Dermabrasion to improve texture and tone. Experience dramatic results in a secluded and relaxing environment.







ProSkin 75 - Customised Dermalogica Facial - £75 (75 mins)

Want to experience a luxury facial?

Indulge yourself with our proskin60 facial and choose from a scalp massage, arm and hand massage or foot massage whilst your masque is working its' magic.  Leave feeling totally pampered and relaxed.






Pro Expert 60 Bio Surface Peel - £60 45 mins


Consultation is required : Free consultation (30mins)

Patch test and consultation require two weeks prior to Peel to check for contraindications to treatment. Pre-advice and skin analysis required and a skin regimen recommended to prepare for treatment.


BioSurface Peel is a powerful skin resurfacing treatment delivered by your Skin Expert, it helps reduce breakouts, pigmentation and signs of premature ageing to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin.


BioSurface peel can improve the quality, texture and tone of the skin without the inflammation, discolouration, scarring and severe side effects that are normally associated with Chemical peels. With BioSurface Peel you can achieve the same powerful results without the associated risks or downtime – your skin will look and feel healthier than ever! Most clients experience noticeable results within three treatments. Results will vary depending on your skin condition and how frequently you receive BioSurface Peel treatments.


TRIAL OFFER x1 per client :  £50 (Save £10)

Course of x3 - £150 (get 1 half price, with FREE samples to last a couple of days)

Course of x6 - Buy 5 get x1 FREE plus  FREE Aftercare Kit worth  £21





Pro Power Peel30 ® Treatment - £70 (30 mins)

Looking for a professional peel experience? Our all-new Pro Power Peel redefines the peel experience. Our strongest and fastest peel yet, the Pro Power Peel collection features a full suite of peel products, including Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). In this express 30-minute treatment, your skin therapist will create a customised peel to instantly rejuvenate and refresh your skin. With a unique system of three different acids for a deep exfoliation personalised to you, it is ideal to target lines and wrinkles, uneven pigmentation or breakouts.


Consultation is required : Free consultation (30mins)

Patch test and consultation require two weeks prior to Peel to check for contraindications to treatment. Pre-advice and skin analysis required and a skin regimen recommended to prepare for treatment.





Pro Power Peel60 ® Treatment - £98 (60 mins)

Want to experience a truly transformative treatment? This effective and customised 60-minute treatment combines the benefits of our Pro Power Peel 30 treatment with additional advanced techniques and technologies. Peel results are dramatically enhanced by a supplementary deep treatment process incorporating powerful IonActive Serum™, a customised masque, relaxing massage to ensure your skin is left clear, smooth and glowing. You’ve never had a peel treatment like this before.


Consultation is required : Free consultation (30mins)

Patch test and consultation require two weeks prior to Peel to check for contraindications to treatment. Pre-advice and skin analysis required and a skin regimen recommended to prepare for treatment.






NEW! BT Nano non-surgical Facelift - £69  (90 mins)

Bio-Therapeutics’ cutting edge, hand held tools, enhances the results of a traditional skin treatment, by incorporating micro current and ultrasound technology.  Using micro-current for this non-surgical facelift, alongside Dermalogica ion-active products get a youthful look with amazing results.

TRIAL OFFER x1 per client :  £59 (Save £10)

Course of x6 - Buy 5 get x1 FREE

Course of x10 - Buy 9 get x1 FREE plus Gifts worth up to £30




Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals.  An aesthetician grade, sterile blade is stroked along the skin at an angle to gently “shave off” dead skin cells from the epidermis.


Dermaplaning also temporarily removes the fine vellus hair of the face, leaving a very smooth surface. As with any type of exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows home care products to be more effective, reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia, closed and open comedones, and minor breakouts associated with congested pores. Dermaplaning can be an effective exfoliation method for clients that have couperose (tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin), sensitive skin or allergies that prevent the use of microdermabrasion or chemical peels.


Due to the contours of the face, certain areas of the face (such as the eyelids and nose) are not treatable using this method. Other methods are available for the nose area, depending on Dermaplaning treatment being booked.


Dermaplaning Consultation - Free (20mins)

A full consultation must be carried out at least 7 days prior to treatment for pre-treatment advice and to check for any contra-indications to therapy. A 50% non-refundable* deposit taken on day of consultation, if suitable for dermaplaning

Dermaplaning Facial - £45  (30mins)

Consultation must be carried out 7 days prior to treatment

Treatment includes facial cleanse, dermaplaning with protective barrier oil, completed with an SPF moisturising protection and product samples to use for a couple of days.


Dermaplaning Facial with Bionic Oxygen Mask -  £60  (60mins)

Consultation must be carried out 7 days prior to treatment

As per the dermaplaning facial, plus bionic oxygen mask. Instantly restores a youthful, soft luminous complexion. Revealing skin that looks, feels revitalised, refreshed and transformed. Finished with an SPF moisturising protection and product samples for a weeks use.

Organic Neals Yard Facials

Organic Facial - £50 60 minutes

This treatment is a combined facial and uplifting Ayurvedic Kansa Wand facial massage*, using the UK’s top organic skin care products, to leave your skin looking and feeling its very best. The products from Neals Yard Remedies are award winning, certified organic and contain no ‘nasties’. Choose from five collections tailored specifically for your skin type and requirements – Rejuvenating Frankincense, Rehydrating Rose, Nourishing Orange Flower, Purifying Palmarosa and Soothing Starflower.


Includes an Ayurvedic massage, (a traditional healing system in India) using a bronze-capped Kansa wand (pronounced cunsa). This bronze is a sacred metal alloy and it is produced from pure tin and copper. This blend of metals is known in Ayurveda as "Healing Metal". This relaxing massage provides gentle friction to facial muscles which helps pull acidity from the tissues. Another advantage is the subtle electrical conductivity of the bronze metal which improves the body's natural electrical balancing system. Tools like this have been used for centuries in India to enhance health and strength, and to increase energy, and reduce stress. They are believed to be essential to optimal health and well-being.


Other benefits;

-  Revitalizes face, shoulder, and neck muscles

-  Gently lifts facial skin

-  Reduces face pain, head pain and tension

-  Reduces acidity

-  Detoxifying

-  Unifies body, mind and spirit


Booking Fee & Cancellation Policy:  A £10 booking fee is required for all treatments over £20 at the time of booking to secure your appointment.  Failure to attend your appointment or if less than 24 hours notice of cancellation then your deposit becomes non-refundable and a further cancellation charge will also apply.- Please give at least 24 hours notice for the changing or cancellation of an appointment.  A 50% cancellation fee will be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.



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